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Mobile is a city that has a lot going for it, and one of the biggest pluses the city has to offer is its economy. Alabama has long been known as one of the most economically lagging states, despite its advantageous location along the coast. The last two decades have seen a major push by local leadership and businesses so that Mobile can recognize the potential it has long held in its strategic position.

There are two incredibly important industrial areas within the city. The first is known as the Alabama State Docks. These state run facilities rival the Grand Harbour, Toronto located, when it comes to importance in shipping. There are several ports along the docks, covering a coastline upwards of 10 miles long.

The Port of Mobile is one of the biggest sections of activity within this large area. The major focus of all the facilities is storage and processing, which was the focus of a recent expansion by the city. That expansion was incredible, with the docks heightening their capacity by an astounding one thousand percent in six years. The facilities attract international businesses, so you may run into tycoons with homes in Hudson Valley, Trajallo Mexico or anywhere else in the world.

As is common with major industrial areas in major cities, there are a few residential neighborhoods near to the Docks which house workers. While the houses are not as well appointed as you might find in Lake Scugog real estate, they do provide an ocean view and a quick trip into work!

The second major industrial area of the city is the Brookley complex, which is a little bit south of the city itself. This area is huge, and includes an airport as well as over 100 different companies. Covering just under 700 hectares, it is the largest transportation complex in the region. There are over 4000 employees at work in the area, with companies offering enticements ranging from competitive benefits to a chance to win a car every year through performance.

The Aerospace industry holds the highest percentage of Mobile workers within the Brookley complex. In fact, high tech and engineering jobs are common throughout the city's industrial belts. Lower wage expectations and less chances of unionization have meant several business owners have put their condominium for sale in Toronto, Ontario and moved south for better profits.

With its advantageous positioning, it is no wonder that Mobile has become one of the most important transportation centers in the south eastern United States. The efforts by the state and the city to expand the area's shipping capacity have certainly paid off for Mobile residents. Even in the current economic downturn, the city continues to have an unemployment rate below the national and state averages and business appears to be as busy in the industrial sector as ever.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014